The craft beer world shared a collective laugh in 2013 when brother-boy band Hanson released an original craft beer with an unforgettable name -- Mmmhops, as you may remember, a play off the band's breakthrough 1996 single single "Mmmbop."

Soon drinkers in North Texas and nine other cities will be able to drink it on their home turfs. Hanson announced Monday a nationwide tour that coincides with the beer's launch in each respective city. 

The tour, which is a special two-night event, is coming to Dallas' House of Blues October 24 and 25. The first night, Hanson will play an entire set of "cover songs that have inspired us," Isaac Hanson said in a press release. The second night, the trio will give fans the hits and rare releases, which is likely the only reason you're going to a Hanson concert, am I right?

But the fun doesn't stop there, folks. Hanson Brothers Beer will also be sponsoring an after party that Saturday night while the boys are in town, tunes courtesy of DJ Taylor Hanson. The real star of the soiree, though, will be Mmmhops, which be there for the guzzling. 

[UPDATE June 29 at 12:43 p.m.: The after party will be in the Foundation Room at House of Blues following the Hanson performance Saturday, October 24. Entry is an additional cost, even for those who attend the show.]

Mmmhops is listed as a smooth-bodied pale ale rich in malt and hops. It clocks 7.5 percent ABV and is guaranteed to transport you back to the '90s. (That last part is not based on science.)

Other cities where Hanson will be performing and launching Mmmhops:

  • Chicago (Oct. 7-8)
  • Toronto (Oct. 10-11)
  • Cleveland (Oct. 13-14)
  • New York (Oct. 16-17)
  • New Orleans (Oct. 22-23)
  • Portland (Oct. 29-30)
  • Los Angeles (Nov. 1-2)
  • San Francisco (Nov. 3-4)
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