If there's one musician that guaranteed to wish you a happy 4/20, it's Texas country legend and all around stoner Willie Nelson. Monday, he and Merle Haggard debuted a new music video for "It's All Going to Pot," a single from the duo's forthcoming collaborative album Django and Jimmie.

The album, which is expected out June 2, is a mix of country duet covers as well as new originals. The title is a shout-out to two other country legends, Django Reinhardt and Jimmie Rodgers, who both greatly influenced Nelson's guitar playing and Haggard's songwriting, according to Rolling Stone.

The music video for "It's All Going to Pot" provides a glimpse into the song's studio recording session, where appropriately the duo is taking inspiration from the end of a lit joint. No word on if it's the Red Headed Stranger's new strain, Willie's Reserve, but the beat (and the blaze) may get you contact high. What a way to start the day!

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