One word: confetti.

OK Go countered Saturday night's raging thunderstorm with its own shower of colored confetti during a sold-out performance at the Granada Theater. The LA-based band is known for its creative, visually stunning music videos, which feature everything from treadmill choreography to trained dogs. These colorful displays set the bar high for live performances -- and the band did not disappointment. 

Below are the five favorite moments from Saturday's show.

Explosive opener

The band played behind -- yes, behind -- a floor-to-ceiling, translucent screen that projected floating, talking heads during "Upside Down & Inside Out." Watching two versions of the band simultaneously perform the track felt like a trippy science experiment -- a fun one. Shortly after came the first explosion of confetti to one of OK Go's biggest singles, "The Writing's On The Wall."

The band could easily rely on these extravagant elements, yet OK Go took the time to perform each song the way they were recorded.

Confetti crowd surfing

As the colorful paper floated onto the crowd during "This Too Shall Pass," front man Damian Kulash dove into the pit and crowd-surfed while he sang the exploding chorus.

A little help from their friends

Shamarr Allen, the New Orleans singer who opened the show, jazzed up the sleepier single, "Skyscrapers," with energetic trumpet solos. The horn paired perfectly with Kulash's screaming vocals, making it more about the live version than the original.

The confetti trick has been part of OK Go's stage show for years. 

The confetti trick has been part of OK Go's stage show for years. 

Jerry McClure/Special Contributor

Seeing spots

One of OK Go's first hit singles, "Get Over It," featured another version of their floating heads made out of thousands of colored dots. The images rolled and twisted across the screen like tides in the ocean, adding even more life to the adrenaline-pumping track.

Going out with a bang

The three-song encore was the icing on the already-extravagant cake. The band performed the exact choreography from their video for "A Million Ways" in all-white jumpsuits while lip-syncing the track with hilariously serious faces. Then the theater went dark for "White Knuckles," to showcase the now neon jumpsuits made possible with black lights. As if that wasn't enough, OK Go invited fans onstage to dance through the closing track, "Here It Goes Again."

By BRENNA RUSHING, Special Contributor

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