There's nothing like stripping down naked to make a statement. 

In the case of local songstress Sudie Abernathy, that statement was even bigger considering she bared all in a recently released video for her song "Heartattack," which is the second single off her forthcoming debut EP. The video premiered on Jezebel last week. (Talk about an entrance!)

According to the pub, the video, which features Sudie walking through a misty forest, symbolizes the 23-year-old artist's transition from adolescent to adult.

"For me, it was more about how the carefree and insouciant ideology and mental state of a child completely changes as you grow up and take on responsibilities," she said.

Sudie first caught my attention at Index Festival last year when she transformed Trees music venue into an intimate lounge with her sultry jazz and singer/songwriter vibes. Her debut self-title EP, due out April 7, is much more electronic-heavy than her background as a classical music and opera student at Southern Methodist University would have you guess. We'll be speaking with her soon to get more details about the release. For now you can check out her video above, as well as the album's first single, "Bruise," below.

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