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St. Vincent

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[Story has been updated with an interview from St. Vincent.]

St. Vincent (nee Dallas-raised Annie Clark) won this year's Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album. The winning self-titled LP was made right here in Dallas by Clark and longtime producer John Congleton.

Shortly after the Grammy show began this evening, I interviewed Clark about her pre-telecast win. She was not present to accept her Grammy because she is touring in Australia.

Hunter Hauk: Congratulations. Where are you and how did you find out the good news?

St. Vincent: Thank you. I'm in Perth, Australia, which is, like, the most remote city on earth. [Laughs.] I knew they were going to announce [the category] in the pre-televised thing, so I went to bed ... and kept waking up every hour. My family had a text thread going because they were watching the live stream. ... Eventually I woke up with a text from my mom that said, "Annie won!"

Since you weren't there, you have a chance now: What would you have said in your speech?

Ah, it would have been pro forma. I would thank [Dallas producer] John Congleton, my family and friends, my agent, manager, record label.

Have you talked to Congleton since you got word?

Yes, we were texting congratulations to each other and saying we loved each other. I think ... it's fortunate when you get to make what you love and have it be well received.

What about St. Vincent, the record, do you think stuck with the Grammy voters?

I've been on tour for a year now just supporting this record, and it comes down to pushing yourself, doing more than you think you can do, committing to your performance, believing in something, pounding the pavement. There's not really a secret. It comes down to the work. That's what John and I very much share: It just comes down to the work.

When will you be back in Dallas, and will you be bringing your Grammy with you?

I should be back there in April. It's going to live in the trophy case by me and my sister's old soccer trophies.


Our Grammy preview included an interactive look at the company St. Vincent joins by winning the alt album award. Clark is currently touring overseas and wasn't present at the Grammy Premiere Ceremony at which the early awards were presented. Country great Rosanne Cash announced the award and accepted on Clark's behalf.

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