He could not pass the breathing test.

He could not pass the breathing test.

Clearly, The Force is strong with the Fort Worth police force.

Late last week, the FWPD posted the video you see below, in which a gentleman named Darth Vader attempts to join the department. And in a matter of days it's received a fair amount of pub: It was featured on Good Morning America, received a GeekWire shout-out, found its way onto FOX News and got caught in the C-Net, among other outlets. It's done its job: The video's been watched some 30,000 times, and shows no signs of slowing, since most people seem to be finding it today (including us).

It's not like the FWPD needs the help: As our Tristan Hallman has reported, Fort Worth's already doing a good job of luring away Dallas Police Department officers. But, sure, no reason to think a boost from the Dark Lord couldn't help.

"It's a lighter way of approaching people for possibly starting a career in law enforcement," Sgt. Steve Enright told ABC News. "We are humanizing the position. We want to show that we're just as normal as everyone on the street and we enjoy a good joke."

That's Enright doing the interrogating; pretty, pretty, pretty good job of it too. Best gag among many: When Enright asks, "What is this about a Death Star? Blowing up under you command?"

"I was cleared of that," says Lord Vader. "Not my fault."

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