Tomorrow, you can help Willie's family finish a documentary about Dorcy's life. 

Tomorrow, you can help Willie's family finish a documentary about Dorcy's life. 

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A picture's worth a thousand words, but one glance at Ben Dorcy III's face reads more like War and Peace. Dorcy, who turns 90 today, carved a path across the country as a roadie for some of the world's most-lauded popular musicians. A Kickstarter campaign launched today will put the final touches on a new documentary, King of the Roadies, narrated by his lifelong employer and friend, Willie Nelson. 

A Texas flag shirt wearing, long hair swinging, balled fist waving wild man of Lone Star legend, Dorcy's legacy defies description. Mainly because those who witnessed it have either passed on or are a little ... foggy on the details.

Kinky Friedman puts it best. He calls Dorcy a "hairy, scary, legendary, screaming souvenir."

Nelson's daughter Amy Nelson and nephew Trevor Doyle Nelson directed the film in homage to Dorcy's storied life, which included tales from his life as "Man Friday" for John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash and countless others. In the trailer, Willie speculates that Dorcy was the world's first roadie. Friedman notes that Dorcy was trusted by not only big stars, but some of history's most significant ones.

On the newly launched Kickstarter page, Trevor Doyle Nelson said the $100,000 will "allow full scale post-production to occur simultaneous to the rest of filming." 

We mentioned Dorcy a couple weeks ago as instrumental -- albeit unintentionally -- in one of our favorite stories from Nelson's new autobiography. Nelson once joked to humorless Louisiana police officers that a soundly sleeping Dorcy, who was 83 at the time, was dead. By the look of it, Dorcy's the "most alive" human on the planet, if such things were quantifiable. Or, perhaps he just started out with more lives than a Hill Country tomcat. 

According to Facebook,  you can hear from the man himself on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. on the Dallas Wayne Show on Willie's Road House, Sirius XM Channel 59. 

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