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A few years ago Matthew McConaughey was stuck in a creative rut of unremarkable romantic comedies, more notable for chest shots than story or character. Then something happened. He was offered, and he accepted, a string of parts that played to his strengths as an adventurous and unpredictable actor.


5. Bernie 

Richard Linklater re-enlisted his old buddy to play an opportunistic small-town prosecutor in this dark East Texas comedy.


4. Mud

If you need someone to play a grimy, sensitive convict hiding out on an island with a couple of adolescents, Matt's your man.

3. Dazed and Confused 

McConaughey was more than alright, alright, alright as an arrested development case in Linklater's breakout high school nostalgia trip.

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2. Killer Joe

There's a scary cool behind those good looks, as this chicken-fried Gothic made abundantly clear.

Anne Marie Fox

1. Dallas Buyers Club 

The full McConaughey: Physically and emotionally committed, wild, rangy, risky and moving.

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