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It's one step forward, two steps back for Texas senator Ted Cruz.

Earlier this month we learned he loves to twerk (well, according to Bad Lip Reading). Others have said he could even be the Zodiac Killer. Yikes. This week, we learned his daughters would rather ATTACK THE DADDY than hug him. Ow, ow, ow... 

But, things are looking up for the hopeful GOP nominee. A new conspiracy theory gives him an image upgrade that is SO METAL. 

A wonderful denizen of the internet made the connection last week, and it's taken off. As The Dallas Morning News' Amanda Wilkins -- whose teenage self was a noted Stryper fan -- put it: 

"OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Amazing. I want to be best friends with the person who noticed this."

For what it's worth, other Stryper fans are less enthusiastic.

Admit it, the likeness is pretty uncanny. Cruz hasn't commented on the conspiracy just yet. Lead singer Michael Sweet, the man whose visage is in question, has graciously played along on Twitter, bless his heart. (No, really. Free publicity or not, he's taking "being a good sport" to the next level.) 

However, the Daily Dot reports that a Stryper fan page was not impressed. The page has reportedly deleted a post which was the internet equivalent of "Seriously, guys. Stop it or I'm going to tell my mom." 

So, is Ted Cruz metal? 

Exhibit A:  He's been accused of making a little girl cry by shouting "your world is on fire!"  
Conclusion: Pretty metal.

Exhibit B: One time he cooked bacon with a machine gun.
Conclusion: Full metal jacket. 

Exhibit C: There was the question of that thing on his lip.  
Conclusion: Booger eaters = never metal

H/t: Uproxx 

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