"Who's got more trash than anyone does? Grump! Grump! Grump!" sings Oscar the Grouch and his grouch friends in the "Grouch Apprentice," which aired on Sesame Street in 2005. 

Donald Grump visits Sesame Street in campaigning to find a helper — or an apprentice (ha!). Oscar and the other grouches end up competing against Elmo in a number of trash-related tasks to be Mr. Grump's helper. 

The sketch is ahead of its time by about a decade. I don't know where I stand on imagining members of the Republican, or maybe Wall Street or K Street, as the grouches vying for Trump's money and influence or to be his right-hand muppet. But as with many Sesame Street bits, the kids learn a lesson about helping others and adults can get a good chuckle out of the references.

"I'm a grouch! I can't have a good helper," Donald Grump explains to Elmo, who is too good of a helper for the position. "I've got my reputation to think of."

Read into what Elmo symbolizes for yourself. The GOP establishment is one guess. 

Here's the full, ever culturally relevant, Sesame Street sketch for you to noodle on:

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