President Barack Obama's White House has repeatedly worked to remind America — especially the youths — that the president is a young, hip dude trailblazing the various digital platforms and apps that are ubiquitous parts of American life in 2015. 

So it is no surprise that the White House opened a Spotify account today and published two public playlists for summer — one for daytime jamming and one for nighttime grooving. 

According to a White House press release, President Obama took the task very seriously, as you can see in this Instagram post by White House photographer Pete Souza: 

I'll tell you now, divas Beyoncé and Dallas' Erykah Badu have clearly wooed POTUS.

The White House press release encourages you to follow the account to hear more playlists from other staffers. Personally, I am looking forward to Kansas City native and current Press Secretary Josh Earnest's tunes. 

With all of these new accounts, maybe we'll be so lucky as to see a constitutional amendment about how to for peacefully transfer the White House usernames and passwords in 2017. 

So go, get your groove on like Michelle Obama and these Sesame Street characters: 

President Obama's Summer Playlist: Day

President Obama's Summer Playlist: Night

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