Connemara Conservancy

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Connemara Conservancy in Allen/Fairview

300 Tatum Road
Allen, TX 75013

just off of Alma, between Hedgcoxe & McDermott

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Connemara Conservancy was founded in 1981 with an initial gift of 72 acres by Frances (Montgomery) Williams on the border of Allen and Plano called the Connemara Meadow Preserve, or simply, The Meadow. Ahead of her time for the area, Frances became concerned that her family's land was in jeopardy of succumbing to the almost unstoppable "urban sprawl". By protecting the Meadow forever, Frances gave us the gift and opportunity to experience and understand Texas as it was, as it would be without us, and as we'd all want it to be. The Meadow will forever remain in its natural state as an open window to the environment where we live. Connemara soon realized the need for large-scale conservation throughout the North Texas area. As a result, it became one of Texas' first land trusts, a qualified organization to hold conservation easements on private land in partnership with willing landowners. Connemara is now one of over 40 land trusts working to preserve natural lands throughout Texas. It is also the only regional land trust focusing solely on North Texas preservation.

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