Hathaway Academy of Ballet

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Hathaway Academy of Ballet

2865 McDermott Road Suite 140
Plano, TX 75025

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The Hathaway Academy of Ballet and our excellent staff are pleased to be a part of young children's dance education. We hope that our experience and knowledge will inspire the joy of dance for all the students in the academy. We strive to provide a wonderful adventure in dance that will remain a rewarding and meaningful experience throughout a student’s lifetime. Children actively involved in dance art’s education develop a great understanding of self-expression, better respect for discipline, and a positive feeling of self-worth. In addition, dance enhances brain and body function. By giving your children the opportunity to learn the art of dance, you are investing in their future successes. At the Hathaway Academy of Ballet, we have a passionate commitment to quality in the art of dance and set high standards on the program. The students will always be given the appropriate tools to enjoy their dance, while at the same time properly developing a high level of technical proficiency. Each child is different, so we will always have a positive and methodical approach to our instruction for each student.

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