Center for Survivors of Torture

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Center for Survivors of Torture

4123 Junius Street
Dallas, TX 75246

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CST serves clients from all over the world. So far, CST has seen clients from over 57 countries including those from Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. While they represent a multitude of languages, cultures, and diverse economic conditions, all have been through torture or severe mental traumas. Many asylum seekers have fled their country under imminent threat of death. As they come to our country, they have lost their financial standing, family and friends, and their country and culture. Most are feeling helpless and hopeless. They find themselves in an alien land with a culture and values that are very different. Because our clients may be suffering from PTSD symptoms, flashbacks, depression, grief, hypersensitivity, nightmares, and other mental reactions to the torture, trauma, and loss of a normal life, they need a specialized, holistic mental health care treatment plan.

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