Rehoboth Ranch

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Rehoboth Ranch

2238 County Road 1081
Greenville, TX 75401

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Rehoboth Ranch is located approximately 45 miles northeast of Dallas. The Robert and Nancy Hutchins family raise beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, eggs, and raw goat milk using organic and free-range production methods. Beef is 100% grass fed on organic pastures and hay. Red Angus and Red Devon heritage breed steers are about 1,000 lbs. at two years of age when they are processed. Our grass-fed beef is moderately (fall and winter) to heavily (spring and summer) marbled, and always has a robust beef flavor. Lamb is 100% grass fed on organic pastures and hay. Lamb is processed at less than 1 year of age to ensure the meat is mild and flavorful. We use the Kathadin breed of hair sheep that is naturally parasite-resistant. Chickens are raised in portable shelters on 100% organic pastures. They are fed a custom-mixed organic grain ration while free-ranging in the natural environment of green grass. Turkeys are raised the same way for Thanksgiving each year. We raise both Bourbon Red heritage turkeys and Broad Breasted White turkeys in the organic free range model. Pork is raised on 100% organic pastures and fed a custom organic grain ration while on pasture. We raise Duroc and Berkshire pork, both heritage breeds, that are unsurpassed for taste. Pigs are prevented from scavenging and their diet is strictly controlled. All of our grass-fed, pastured, free-range, organic meats can be purchased in small quantities or large. Large quantity purchases at discounted prices are available, but must be ordered in advance and are subject to availability. Eggs from hens free-ranging on organic pastures are also available. Laying hens are given a custom mixed organic grain ration on 100% organic pastures. Hens have portable hen houses on wheels that are moved frequently ensuring a continuous supply of green grass. Rehoboth Ranch is also licensed by the state of Texas as a Grade A Raw Goat Milk Dairy. Our goat milk is as sweet and flavorful as fresh cow's milk...even better. It is not like that nasty goat milk you buy at the supermarket in cans. We sell all our milk through advance bookings. Call if you would like to be placed on the waiting list. Our products can be purchased on the farm in our little store "The Summer Kitchen" Monday-Saturday, no regular hours, please call before you come so we can be ready to serve you. We are not open on Sunday. We also share with two other families, Texas Meats Supernatural at the Dallas Farmers Market, Friday and Saturday year-round, 9am-4pm. The Hutchins family is there every other Saturday. Please call to coordinate schedules and email to place orders in advance. You can also find Rehoboth Ranch products seasonally at the Coppell Farmers Market in old downtown Coppell on Bethel Road. The Coppell market is the best organic market in Dallas. It is open from April-November, 8-12 noon, every Saturday. We are also at the McKinney Farmers Market at the corner of Louisiana and Church streets in old downtown McKinney, every Saturday morning, 8am-1pm, April-October. Email us at to place advance orders. Information from the ranch's site

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