Green Chile Queso & Chips at Torchy's Tacos

Green Chile Queso & Chips at Torchy's Tacos

Vernon Bryant/Staff Photographer

Delia Jo Ramsey isn't from Texas, but you might say she got here as quickly as she could. 

The popular food and travel writer -- whose work has appeared in publications around North Texas, including her own site Dining With Delia Jo -- had no idea what to expect when she arrived in North Texas nine years ago. 

Results are in! Torchy's Tacos sells D-FW's best bowl of queso, you say

Here, she met a man who would become her husband. She developed her craft as a polished food reporter -- an enthusiast, but never a critic, she tells us -- and expanded upon her journalism background, becoming a skilled photographer and social media maven along the way. And, she realized she loved Texas cuisine. Like, a lot. 

There's one dish in particular that most stoked her Tex-Mex passions. 

It's how she gained her nickname: "The Queen of Queso." Even her pink Texas license plate declares her love for it.

"This is a research project of my life," she told us in April, when we asked our social media followers to tell us where to get the best bowl of queso in D-FW.

But, all things must pass, and quirky license plates must sometimes change.  

If it were possible, I'd be crying tears of cheese right now. Dallas, I present to you - my queso baby.

Posted by Dining with Delia Jo on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ramsey's family recently moved to Nashville. And Nashville will now be the the primary focus of her blog, which covers restaurant, chef and local cuisine. Though, she notes, her D-FW contributors will continue publishing recommendations on Dining With Delia Jo. 

In parting, she left us with a witty, heartfelt final love letter to D-FW.

"I'm forever grateful that you taught me tacos for breakfast is a perfectly acceptable 'thing,' and that you honed my intense passion for queso," she writes. "Thanks for teaching me that it's not called 'cheese dip', as I grew up calling it for the first 26 years of my life, growing up in Alabama and Tennessee."

What makes Kristin Chenoweth happy? Singing and eating queso, she says 

She goes on to earn forgiveness for that "queso blasphemy" by penning a lengthy, intricate list of queso options for any occasion. Want white cheese instead of yellow? Need a vegan choice or something "fancy"? She's done the footwork. 

Here's where you can find what she calls her legacy: Queso With Delia Jo: A DFW Master List

Ramsey's all-time favorite? As with our polled readers, she says Torchy's is tops. She's sent an open request to the Austin-based chain to consider expansion into Nashville. 

Tennesseans will love it, she promises -- she'll make sure of that. 

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