Jessie Frye

Jessie Frye

Marcus Laws

We've all had that one day, where every moment was so perfect we wished it never had to end. For Denton singer Jessie Frye, that day was Edgefest 2014, when her band won the opportunity to play the music festival ahead of artists such as Beck and the Avett Brothers. 

"It was our biggest show to date. It made us realize this is what we wanted to do," she says. It was an almost ineffable feeling, so naturally the 26-year-old wrote a song about it.

Oaktopia: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros / Minus the Bear / Thundercat / Father / Sarah Jaffe

The deliciously pop tune is called "One in a Million" and it's the first single from Frye's forthcoming EP, entitled Boys' Club, out Oct. 9. Right out the gate, it's obvious this is a song about empowerment, and the video, which you can see below for the first time today, is a literal depiction of harnessing positive energy.  

Frye appears as a warrior princess, a life size incarnation from a young girl's comic drawing, who's come to help battle "darkness, depression, all the things that get in your way," the singer says.

The "One in a Million" video has real life implications, too. Sophie Shipp, the young actress featured in the video, is one of Frye's students at the Hall Music Productions studios in Southlake. The bond they have as student and teacher is one of the things that made the song's message come alive, Frye says.

"One in a Million" by Jessie Frye

Frye, who recently signed with local label Metaledge, will be playing a Boys' Club pre-release party at Harvest House during Oaktopia music festival Saturday, Sept. 26. And if you want to join her in the fight for good, Frye will be offering face paint to whomever wants it at the show.

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