Jennifer Houghton's home on Lovers Lane in Dallas is a Valentine's Day wonderland.

Jennifer Houghton's home on Lovers Lane in Dallas is a Valentine's Day wonderland.

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At Christmastime, Jennifer Houghton goes big on the decorations. Like, big: Her 5 bedroom, 9 bathroom home in University Park had 12 trees with 1,000 ornaments strung with 15,000 lights in December. It was really something to see.

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A few weeks after the trees came down, Houghton decorated for Valentine's Day. Her manse is dripping in hearts -- 34,000 of them, in fact. Her mailbox is already stuffed with valentines. There's even a valentine's-themed white Christmas tree kissed with red hearts and "love" signs.

The kitchen looks like a scene in a fairytale, with candy jars everywhere as if her home were a corner of Willy Wonka's world gone pastel.

We had to ask: Is anyone allowed to eat those sweet treats, or are they for display only?

"Saying 'no' to candy would just be mean," Houghton says. "My kids can eat the candy, but we have our limits!"

[Editor's note: This story is from 2017. We checked with Houghton, and her home again is decked out with hearts galore in 2018. Some rooms look slightly different -- see new photos here -- but most of the decorations are the same.]

Valentine's Day spills out onto the stoop of Houghton's Turtle Creek home:

A corner of her house is on Lovers Lane in Dallas -- "how appropriate!" she writes in a blog post. There, she groups more than a dozen heart-shaped accessories for passersby to see.

But inside is really where you start to get a sense of how much she loves decorating her home for the holidays.

Houghton and her family members spent three weeks decorating for Valentine's Day. It stays up through Easter.

All photos by Alison Worthen

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