Famous people: They're just like us? They, too, want stuff for Christmas.

Some of them even want a certain Dallas football team to go to a certain big game in early 2017. But don't jinx it.

Here's a list of what 15 celebrities who hail from Dallas-Fort Worth would like for the holidays. Please pass these along to the big guy if you have Santa's ear.

Illustrations by Michael Hogue

Richard Rawlings

The star of Discovery Channel car show Fast N' Loud wants "the one car that has eluded me forever" -- a 1969 Lamborghini Miura, Richard Rawlings says. "I've been looking for it for nearly 20 years and I always have feelers out for one," he says. "It's a car that just has a special place in my heart. By now, its appreciated so much that I don't know if I could afford it if I found one."

It could cost him $800,000 to over $2 million; '69 Lambo Miuras are hard to come by, says John Kraman, consignment director and TV commentator/analyst for Mecum Auctions. Whew.

Jordan Spieth

Golfer and Jesuit Dallas graduate Jordan Spieth wants the Dallas Cowboys to win the championship game of the National Football League. You know, the big one in February. 

The last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl, Spieth was a toddler.

Madison Kocian

Olympic gold medalist Madison Kocian, who is from Dallas and trained at the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Plano, just wants to rest. 

She's asking for a spa day, where she can get a massage and get her nails done.

Emmitt Smith

Sweet Emmitt Smith, the longtime Dallas Cowboys running back, couldn't think of any "thing" he wanted for Christmas. He asked that his family has a happy and healthy holiday.

"Seeing them happy" will make him happy, he said.

Alex from Target

You remember Frisco teenager Alex from Target: He's the guy whose charming photo circled the globe several times on the internet in 2014. Literally overnight, he went from being Alex Lee, a guy with a job at Target, to Alex from Target, teenage heartthrob. He's mostly back to a normal life now, and he'd like a pair of Heelys, size 11. Heelys are skate shoes that have a wheel inside. You've seen kids whizzing down store aisles wearing them.

"This was my childhood," Lee says.

Deron Williams

Dallas Mavericks point guard Deron Williams seems to have a sense of humor. When asked what he'd like for Christmas, he said he'd love a remote-control car. Why? He's a kid at heart. (And then he smiled mischievously.)

Ray Wylie Hubbard

Forget about wishing for that certain football game. Texas country singer and songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard just wants tickets to any Dallas Cowboys game. Who can hook him up?


Comedian Iliza Shlesinger, who attended private school in Dallas, has a holiday request that comes at no cost:

"My holiday wish is that we can all say Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/ Happy Whatever You Want without people getting offended. My wish is that people would stop being so sensitive and so offended when other humans attempt to have an open-ended discussion, and we could listen and learn from each other without attacking. My holiday wish is that people would just exist without feeling the need to force their beliefs on everyone and we could all be adults about this.

"Then again, adults kill each other. Let's all be kids this holiday season."

Devin Harris

Dallas Mavericks player Devin Harris, unlike his teammate Deron Williams, hasn't made his Christmas list yet. But you know who has? His kids. They want American Girl dolls, he says.

Lisa Loeb

Musician Lisa Loeb has been busy in 2016. She's featured on two Amazon kids shows, "Creative Galaxy" and "If You Give A Mouse a Christmas Cookie." So with kids on her mind, her Christmas wish is related to her children. "Other than a wish for peace on Earth, people respecting each other and less cologne in elevators, I'd love to have more MagnaTiles in the house for my two kids," she says. MagnaTiles are colorful tiles that can build "amazing structures," Loeb says.

Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi and Kirstin Maldonado, all of the a cappella group Pentatonix

The five-piece a cappella band Pentatonix was just recently nominated for a Grammy - and they've already won two in the past two years. So what more could they possibly want? We asked three of the five members - the three who grew up in the Arlington area.

Scott Hoying wants a French bulldog puppy. "I think it would be so fun to have a little best friend to take on the road with me," he says. Mitch Grassi wants a Schott Perfecto leather jacket, a motorcycle-style coat that costs $500 to $1,000. Kirstin Maldonado, the only female vocalist in Pentatonix, wants Bose noise-canceling headphones.

And no, they aren't to drown the boys out: "They would be super easy to travel with and have great quality sound. I also need good headphones to work out with," she says.

Bishop T.D. Jakes

Dallas pastor T.D. Jakes, the bishop of the Potter's House, doesn't want a material item. "My Christmas wish is unique," he says. "It involves educators, executives and elected officials developing a task force to strategically align a congruent, multi-level educational program that trains for real and emerging opportunities that could be supported by a fully functional government that puts people over politics. The unwrapping of this gift would allow Middle America and our inner cities to pursue our faith and future unencumbered by the primal survival needs that are challenging our way of life."

Don't try to wrap that in a box, friends.

Charlotte Jones Anderson

The Dallas Cowboys' Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones Anderson has had an ultra-busy year readying parts of the $5 billion mile, a huge construction project in Frisco. But that's not what's on her mind.

"My Christmas wish is for a healthy team to be playing in February!" she says.

Reunion Tower

Following Reunion Tower on Twitter is one of the best ways to show your Dallas pride -- and you'll be rewarded with adorable tweets that'll somehow make you love Dallas' light-up ball even more. When asked what Reunion Tower wanted for Christmas, the ball responded, "All I want for Christmas is two long arms, two long arms, two long arms...Then I could hug you 'Merry Christmas!' #TowerWishes."

And now we want a hug from Reunion Tower.

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