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Mark your calendar: 10 Valentine's Day things to do in Dallas

As you grab that gallon of milk and loaf of bread in the next couple days, your favorite grocery store makes it easy to purchase a Valentine's Day gift as well. 

But with so many supermarket options in North Texas, which locale has the best deal? We've checked out your favorite grocers to find the cheapest spot for one dozen cash and carry roses. 

Some cost as little as $12.99 if you know where to look!

Grab a pencil and watch the below video to help you find the best rose deal. 

Kroger, Tom Thumb, Albertsons, Aldi, Market Street, Sprouts and Trader Joe's all offer deals for one dozen roses.

While Kroger has those pop-up tents in the parking lots for quick Valentine's purchases, there are less expensive options (that require you to actually go in the store). 

And if you REALLY want to do cheap this year, Dollar Tree sells vases for a buck.  

If you choose Sprouts for your flower purchase, don't forget to pick up some tender asparagus as well. It's on sale for $1.88/pound. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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