You know, I almost delayed this week's video. I've had a busy few days and besides, everybody else is delaying things they were working on. Why can't I?

Late one night this week, Nintendo announced that they were delaying the anticipated Wii U game Star Fox Zero, which was supposed to be out before Christmas, until early 2016. The note came from legendary creator Shigeru Miyamoto, who said that although development has been progressing well and that they could technically release the game in time for the holiday season he and his team would rather spend some time giving the game a little extra polish.

Earlier that same day, fans of Japanese RPGs had to lament the fact that Persona 5, which developer Atlus has previously assured us would be out this year, has been delayed until Summer 2016. It's a huge loss, and the pain is even worse after watching the new trailer they released for the game, because it looks incredible.

Lastly, Doctor Who actress Jenna Coleman is once again delaying a trip to Dallas for Dallas Comic Con. She was supposed to come to the show back in May but had to cancel, but she was one of the first announced guests for the Fan Days show that's coming up in October... Only now she's canceled that appearance too.

The BBC has just announced that Coleman is leaving Doctor Who this season, which isn't a huge surprise, but the buzz on the street is that she has already taken a new gig as Queen Victoria in an upcoming drama.

I'm not gonna lie, Jenna. You're kind of breaking my heart with all these delays. Please come see us in Dallas soon.

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