My childhood dreams have come true and Pokemon are real! They've just been hiding in our cell phones.

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have announced that they're working with mobile developer Niantic to create Pokemon Go, a game for iOS and Android that will use your phone's GPS to let you find and catch Pokemon at various locations in the real world. Maybe you'll find a Pikachu at your favorite coffee shop, or a Squirtle at your nearest boat dock? The mere idea has us unreasonably excited, so it's a shame that the game isn't coming out until 2016.

Something that is coming out this year, though, is Marvel's new Netflix show, Jessica Jones. Netflix released the first trailer for the show this week, and it shows... Well, let's be honest, it shows very little, especially if you're not familiar with the source material and don't know what you might be looking at. But it does give us a release date for the series: November 20. So the world won't have to wait too long to know this hero's name.

Speaking of comic book shows, the popular series Preacher has at long last been picked up by AMC, officially, for 10 episodes. Deadline confirmed the news after Seth Rogen, who is co-producing the show with Evan Goldberg, tweeted it. According to Deadline, Dominic Cooper will star as a conflicted Texas preacher who is accidentally possessed by a powerful creature named Genesis. Breaking Bad's Sam Catlin will serve as the showrunner when the series premieres in mid-2016.

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