Happy Force Friday to all you Star Wars nerds out there! A ton of new toys, new books and a bunch more merch based on The Force Awakens is now on store shelves. If you're like me, you already hit up at least one store at midnight last night to spend too much money on too much stuff you don't need because your wife already won't let you hang up your original trilogy posters in the living room and your office walls are already full and oh God we're all doing exactly what Disney wants, aren't we? Yay, Star Wars!

Diggle finally gets a costume ... sort of

Crowds fill local stores to buy 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' toys at midnight

If you'd rather focus on TV than toys, then you might want to know that one of the main characters in the CW show Arrow is finally getting a disguise. John Diggle, who has always been just as heroic as any of the costumed crusaders in the show, has never done anything to hide his face. Until now. The CW has released a promo image of Diggle wearing a helmet that, well, let's just say it: It looks a lot like he's a Magneto groupie.

Reactions to the helmet on social media were mixed, but it will be interesting to see where the show takes the character, as so far he hasn't been associated with an established comic book super hero.

"That GTA movie"

Lastly, the first trailer for the Grand Theft Auto movie has been released! But it's... probably not what you think.

The trailer is for the BBC special The Gamechangers, a drama that chronicles some of the behind-the-scenes legal drama surrounding the popular video game series. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe plays Sam Houser, the co-president of GTA developer Rockstar Games, while Bill Paxton plays notorious American attorney Jack Thompson. The special will air on BBC2 on September 15.

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