By now you've surely seen the new teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

If not, what are you doing? Go. Go now.

Unlike the first teaser that was released in November, this one gives us a lot more hints to what the new film is going to be like.

So let's get super geeky and break this thing down shot-for-shot. For any Star Wars padewans out there, this may get a little over your head. What follows is a super detail-oriented look at the 1:46 trailer, complete with Wookiepedia citations.

This desert planet may look like Tatooine, home of the Skywalker clan, but its not.

First of all, Tatooine was too far in the outer rim to incur a visit from a Star Destroyer in the days of the Galactic Civil War (the original trilogy). What made it such a good place to hide the son of Anakin Skywalker was that it was so remote and controlled by the Hutts.

Instead, this is Jakku, another desert world. We don't know much about it, except that it's pretty much Tatooine. But not, apparently.

Luke laid his father to rest in a traditional Jedi funeral pyre at the end of Return of the Jedi on the forest moon of Endor. Clearly somebody has gone to retrieve Darth Vader's body armor.

Who? We don't know for sure. But in the background of this shot we see glossy, dark surfaces, reminiscent of an imperial stronghold. Is someone trying to revive the Dark Side through these old relics?

It's easy to assume this is old, Obi Wan-esque Luke with a new robotic hand, chillin' with R2 in the desert like any good hermity Jedi would do.

Especially with the dialogue - an adaptation from Luke's line from ROTJ - we can see them highlighting Vader, Luke and Leia in these shots.

But Luke's voice here is a little, dare I say, ghostly. Listen for the suspenseful echo after Luke delivers each line. Could Luke be dead, delivering this line as a Force ghost?

Is it just me, or does this lightsaber look a lot like the one Anakin used during the Clone Wars, the same one Obi Wan gave Luke at the beginning of Episode IV? (Told you we were detail-oriented here at GuideLive.)

Luke lost that blue lightsaber on Bespin when his father cut his hand off at the climax of The Empire Strikes Back. It is possible someone found it, used it and is now passing it along.

What follows next is a series of super quick cuts that really tell a lot about the new movie. We see the X-Wing pilot and squadron that we got a glimpse of in the first trailer. We see two people on Jakku running with our new droid pal, BB-8 (more on him later).

And we see our first villain. We got a glimpse of him/her in the first trailer, mainly showing off the hooded character's cross-beamed lightsaber. There's been plenty of talk about whether this lightsaber would work, but that's beside the point.

The point is, we see him/her fighting alongside stormtroopers, which means this is not a rogue Sith survivor, but part of the imperial institution. [Editor's Note: The man behind the mask has been more or less confirmed to be named Kylo Ren, but beyond that we know very little outside of theories and potential leaks.]

Speaking of the imperial institution, wasn't the Empire destroyed at the end of ROTJ?

This isn't the same Empire, it's a new incarnation with a new, modified logo. But it looks oddly similar, doesn't it? Complete with a hooded leader on the podium up there, could this be the rise of a new Emperor?

This is where things get interesting. We have a TIE Fighter, in an imperial hangar, shooting other TIE fighters. I'm betting we have a situation similar to A New Hope, where our heroes sneak onto an imperial transport and cause havoc undercover, just like Luke and Han.

Also announced today is a little on these main character's backstories. John Boyega plays Finn who is in some danger and reacts in a "unique" way. Daisey Ridley plays Rey, who we saw as a scavenger back on Jakku running with Finn and BB-8.

Finn is either undercover here, trying to destroy the Empire from the inside, or he's a stormtrooper who decides to desert.

(But the real question: does he ever stop panting? I don't think we've seen a single shot where he's not trying to catch his breath.)

Wait, we have a second villain?! Could this be a bounty hunter a la Boba Fett? The stormtrooper armor doesn't scream "Sith" to me, but who knows.

Just imagine this little guy in Happy Meals all around the world and you'll understand why we have a new droid to take the torch from R2 and 3PO. It looks like BB-8 is on the Millennium Falcon here. We don't know much more about this little guy, except that he's a physical prop that ran around the set, not CG.


Also, where can I get that leather jacket?

Also also, where's home? Han is an orphan smuggler who never had a real home. The Wookies have a home planet of Kashyyyk, but most of the Wookies were enslaved and killed there in the last days of the Old Republic. Is this Han and Chewy stepping back on the Falcon for the first time in ages?

So many questions. Not enough answers. Too much time until the premiere on Dec. 18.

Hard to see, the future is.

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