Marvel started the week with a showstopper on Monday night by announcing that they'd come to an agreement with Sony Pictures to bring Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony will ultimately retain creative control for Spidey's upcoming movies, but Marvel is going to have a bigger hand in their direction going forward.

The bigger deal, though, is that Spider-Man can now show up in future Marvel movies like The Avengers. The safest bet is that he will first show up in Captain America: Civil War, as the character played a pretty huge role in that comic book storyline.


Keeping with the comic book theme, rumors are flying that the Fox TV show Gotham is about to introduce Batman's most popular villain, The Joker. Previews for next week's episode have mentioned a villain that's "no joke," shown a character laughing maniacally and featured what sounds suspiciously like Mark Hamill's infamous Joker laugh from the old Batman cartons.

The folks behind the show have implied in the past that we would be seeing the Joker at some point during the show, but it's still possible they're throwing red herrings at us this time. Hopefully we'll have a better idea when the episode, titled "The Blind Fortune Teller," airs next week.


At the end of last week, the Wall Street Journal posted the surprising report that Netflix was working with Nintendo to develop a live-action series based on The Legend of Zelda. Neither Netflix nor Nintendo will comment on the report, but social media was immediately on fire as the news spread.

According to the story, Netflix is currently seeking a writer who can helm the show, which they're pitching as a sort of family friendly Game of Thrones. If the rumor is true and such a series ends up happening, we can only hope it's better than the old Zelda cartoon was back in the late 80s.

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