Facebook launched a Craiglist competitor site last month called "Facebook Marketplace," and there's a lot of weird stuff for sale.

Here are 25 things that you can buy right now in the D-FW area.

1. Fine art

2. Enthusiastic monkey statues

3. A mold starter kit

4. "Might be a zombie" decorative bunnies

5. Sensible shoes

6. A start?

7. Snow White & fam

8. A project

9. A (probably) living reptile

10. A way to hasten the breakup

11. A festive sobriety test

12. Work shoes

13. An unimpressed owl

14. Stylish decor

15. A backup plan

16. A fancy jewelry tree

17. A Muppet enthusiast's phone case

18. A savings plan

19. Minion cakes

20. Realistic manes

21. A mystery

22. A Dexter fan-kit

23. A nightmare wrapped in deerskin

24. A clown who watches too much political coverage

25. A "sweet dreams" night light

More about Facebook Marketplace

Facebook actually launched the original Facebook Marketplace way back in 2007 but it didn't go anywhere. The relaunched version is available via the Facebook app to users who are 18 and up. More details here

In general, you should be wary of buying anything that appears to be stolen or otherwise sketchy. When in doubt, buy your wares from Amazon, your local retailers, or a thrift store.

Also, we recommend visiting a food truck instead of buying snacks on Facebook, for the time being at least.

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