Stand-up comedian Dane Cook in concert on Feb. 05, 2011 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. 

Stand-up comedian Dane Cook in concert on Feb. 05, 2011 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. 

Ben Torres/Special Contributor

The largest collection of peculiarities and laughs, the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival, is on tour this fall and comes to Dallas on Sept. 23 to the Gexa Energy Pavilion.

Roastmaster Jeff Ross will host the event, and major comics at every stop of the tour include Dane Cook, Sebastian Maniscalco, Tom Segura, Iliza Shlesinger (who notably grew up in Dallas), Bobby Lee and Big Jay Oakerson.

The Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival

New this year, the event will also feature local comics in each city.

IFC, a comedic TV show and movie producer, will select and host the locally emerging comedians in each city on Oddball's second stage for the "slightly off" performances. (It's not clear how the company will be choosing funny guys from D-FW, but we've reach out for comment about locals can put a hat in the ring.)

"We are thrilled to present another year of amazing comedy to fans across North America," said Geof Wills, president of Live Nation Comedy. "With the breadth of talent we have on this year's epic outing, comedy fans can expect Oddball 2016 to be one of the most entertaining evenings ever assembled!"

Sadly, and my soul blackens at saying this, Amy Schumer will not be headlining this year's festival. May all of our comedic souls rest in peace. 

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While we wait for the festival, here's some jokes courtesy of the comedians at the festival. And hey, maybe these will be enough to satiate your curiosity, so you'll just stay at home and not fight Friday afternoon traffic to Fair Park. But thankfully, unlike last year, the festival is the week before the State Fair. 

Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer lead raunchy, riveting night of comedy at Oddball festival

Bobby Lee

"I remember my first job -- it was selling corn on the side of the road. My dad hooked me up with that job. Thanks, Dad. I was sitting in my room minding my own business. My dad walked in, 'Hey loser, I got you a job-o.' I go, 'What is it?' 'You're gonna sell corn on the side of the road.' I go, 'Screw that.' 'No, no, no, no, screw you! You're gonna sell corn, or you're going to die! Corn or die!"

Dane Cook

"We always have creepy people around, a creepy individual, and it starts off when we're young-uns; when we're young-uns there's a creepy person. Back in school, back in the day, which by the way, I don't know if you knew this, was a Wednesday. Thats a little fun fact. Yeah, when you refer to 'back in the day' it's a Wednesday. Take that home, chew it, it's delicious."

Tony Romo crashes Oddball comedy fest in Dallas

Big Jay Oakerson

"My grandma sent me to karate class at the Jewish community center because it was free. Sensei Master Rabbi Rabinowitz -- that guy was the Hebrew nightmare."

Tom Segura

"I don't know if you're familiar with Atlantic City, but if you hate yourself and your family and your friends, take them to Atlantic City. It's basically like if Las Vegas had diarrhea, but then when you went to wipe it, you didn't use toilet paper, you just found old cups and torn up shoes and other things you find in a dumpster. And then you were to throw it down, and then it grew lights."

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