It's an all-too-easy mistake. On Sunday, Texas Rangers second-baseman Rougned Odor went all Westerosi on Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista. The benches cleared faster than a Wildling giant bustin' up into Castle Black. Of course, the internet reacted beautifully. 

We first noticed it in responses to The Dallas Morning News' daily weather report. You folks are right. Rougned Odor does sound a bit like someone George R.R. Martin would employ to take on the Three-Eyed Blue Jay. Not only that, but his surname sounds amusingly similar to Bran Stark's brawny companion. 

Naturally, the internet was way ahead of us: 

The connection hasn't, to our knowledge, been further meme-ified -- at least not to the same degree as other great ones -- but, we think there's limitless potential from the Rangers, particularly the ball club's storied past. 

Which Greenseer out there wants to head back to 1993 and re-make The Mountain vs. Oberyn Martell featuring Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura? 

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