YouTine still

You may not be able to HEAR ME OVER THE YELLING. 

I'll wait until you've finished watching this wacky new commercial from Brian Wilson, "the Texas law hawk," below.

(Spoiler alert: The commercial involves a fake run-in with police and a dwarf. Anyway.)

Wilson's commercial makes him look like the Chuck Norris of Texas criminal defense law. He's got "talons of justice," y'all.

Know what else he's got? A hilarious sense of humor and the ability to market to his potential demographic: youngish people who need someone to call after a DWI or other related matters. He may not be a hero. But he's got a captive audience. 

Move over, Texas Hammer Jim Adler.

The Huffington Post likely helped the commercial get a boost to more than 300,000 views. HuffPo calls it "the loudest, funniest, best darn attorney commercial on either side of the Rio Grande." 

Check out one of Wilson's earlier commercials if you're into this kind of thing.

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