For a segment of the generation known as "90s kids," Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were the quintessential TV comedy duo. From the more kid-friendly Saturday Night Live-esque sketches of All That to the sitcom Kenan & Kel to the All That-sketch-turned-movie Good Burger, the pair made a lot of people laugh for a long time.

90s nostalgia is strong these days, so late night genius Jimmy Fallon did the logical thing: He hosted a Good Burger reunion on The Tonight Show.

Look familiar? Let's go back roughly 20 years.

They were so young! And they needed a lot more practice keeping in their laughter while performing the sketch.

Kel Mitchell has actually returned to Nickelodeon with on the new show (which he was promoting with his Tonight Show appearance) Game Shakers. The show is about two young girls who create a hit mobile game and use the profits to start a game company. The problem: Being kids, they didn't realize they were breaking the law when they sampled music from the rapper Double G (Mitchell), so of course the solution to the problem is to hire Double G to come work with them.

If the Good Burger reunion is not enough Kenan & Kel for you, a web exclusive behind-the-scenes clip offers a bit more of the comedy duo.

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