No time to browse around for the interesting headlines of the week? Good news: We have you covered. Here are our favorite stories of the week, with GIFs that sum up how we feel about them.

WFAA-TV's Dale Hansen blasts Cowboys for Greg Hardy signing, calls Garrett a fraud or puppet 

The Rangers' new concessions this year include things like funnel cake fries.

Vista Ridge Mall is facing foreclosure. Oh, the '90s feels this gives us.

A Houston legislator is coming for our craft beer, and she must be stopped!

We attended the Greenville St. Patrick's Day Parade, and now it's gone for another year. See photos and video here.

Syfy sets Sharknado 3 title and air date; Mark Cuban to appear as President of United States

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Amanda Wilkins, Britton Peele, Shannon Sutlief, Sarah Blaskovich and Norma Cavazos contributed to this post.

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