West-wayyyyyy Forrrrrrd! Think Young: Rodney D. Young! Southtown Ford, south on 35...

If those phrases triggered something in you, then you probably grew up in D-FW in the '80s and '90s. For those of us who did, here are five six jingles we'll never, ever get out of our heads.

Southtown Ford

The cheerful flute trills, and the unforgettable jingle: "Southtown Ford, south on 35, Alsbury exit, Fort Worth!" It's a forever earworm.

Westway Ford

The short tagline is what we remember most about Westway commercials, of course. But we also can't forget Joe Greed, sometimes accompanied by the Ultimate/Dingo Warrior.

Rodney D. Young

The commercials themselves aren't memorable, but the short tagline is seared into our memories. Extra points on this commercial, though, for the intentionally terrible Three Amigos parody.

Trophy, Trophy, Trophy Nissan

It's no Super Bowl Shuffle, that's for sure.


The Dallas Times Herald didn't survive, but the commercial jingle will live forever.

Have yourself a Blue Bell country day

This one still tugs at the heartstrings.

Honorable mention: 1212 Loop 12

There's no jingle to get stuck on repeat in your head, but his crazy arms are something we won't forget.

What '80s and '90s Dallas faves did I forget? Three cheers to the YouTube channel VCRchivist, whose videos are a treasure trove of old commercials.

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