Actor Kristian Nairn plays Hodor on 'Game of Thrones,' but before he was part of the HBO family, he was an EDM DJ.

Actor Kristian Nairn plays Hodor on 'Game of Thrones,' but before he was part of the HBO family, he was an EDM DJ.

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Editor's note: This story has been updated throughout.

Citizens of the Realm, you've been patiently waiting and we've arrived with good news: 

Hodor and the Rave of Thrones are officially coming to Dallas.

The concert, a DJ set by Games of Thrones actor and acclaimed beat master Kristian Nairn, will take place August 13 at Lizard Lounge Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum.

But wait, you say. Wasn't Nairn supposed to play The Door? Because, you know, of his characters tragically famed last words "Hold the door!" 

Well, sort of.

Though the Rave of Thrones was originally thought to come through Dallas via local personality Jared Guynes, who brought Vanilla Ice and the Ninjas Turtles together for an "epic" party, Nairn's management was fielding other offers. Instead, local promotion company Banjos to Beats is curating the show, co-founder/owner Josh Smith confirmed to GuideLive Thursday.

Smith began pursuing Nairn to play the Rave of Thrones in Dallas about 18 months ago, he says, though he never worked out a deal. Then...

"In mid-May, right before the Hodor episode happened, we reached out again and said, 'We want to give this a shot,'" Smith says. The timing was purely coincidental, he adds. 

OK, but that doesn't explain why Nairn couldn't perform at The Door.

A quick peek behind the curtain: Banjos to Beats books at several venues around Dallas, many in Deep Ellum. So as part of the negotiations, Smith worked with Nairn's management to find the right one. Banjos to Beats has previously slated acts to play The Door, but not in a couple of years, Smith says.

"We really put every room out there that we thought  could this as an option," he says. "It came down to they wanted a club with a DJ booth, a nightclub kind of vibe, and some place he could get in front of fans of the music and fans of the show and not necessarily just be one or the other."

UPDATE June 29 at 10 a.m.:

After the Rave of Thrones sold out in less than 48 hours, it was clear Nairn needed a bigger venue, which is why Banjos to Beats today announced the show will be moving to the Bomb Factory. The venue has room for 4,300 people. See update ticketing info below.

Back to the show...

So what exactly can you expect from Rave of Thrones when it comes to town in August? A lot of it will be a surprise, Smith says, but attendees can expect cosplay, decor and visuals in theme with the show. And yes, you should feel to dress up. 

Tickets to Kristian Nairn's Rave of Thrones go back on sale Thursday, June 30 at 10 a.m., and cost $34.50-$39.50 for general admission and $54.50-$79.50 for VIP, depending on whether you prefer to stand of have an assigned seat. VIP amenities include balcony viewing, private bars and bathrooms.

For those of you that bought tickets to the show at Lizard Lounge, the promoter confirmed your tickets will be honored at the Bomb Factory. 

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