The owner left his job at Parkland Memorial Hospital to get into the food business.

The owner left his job at Parkland Memorial Hospital to get into the food business.

Courtesy of Spice in the City

Indian food: healthy? A former dietitian at Parkland Memorial Hospital is opening a to-go shop focused on Indian and Pakistani cuisine. You’ll recognize dishes such as chicken tikka masala and chicken curry, and owner Navin Hariprasad promises they’re good for your heart.

Spice in the City, as it’s called, opens today, Feb. 16, in downtown Dallas. The shop is downtown Dallas’ only all-Indian restaurant open right now, confirmed a Downtown Dallas, Inc. spokesperson.

It will specialize in to-go dishes for lunch and dinner, with catering for special events also available.

Hariprasad is a downtown Dallas resident — and in fact, he lives upstairs in the Dallas Power & Light Building, where Spice in the City is located. He hopes the new shop will be a healthy stop for folks on the go. “When you only have a half an hour, 45 minutes for lunch, sometimes it’s not convenient to go to a sit-down restaurant,” he says. “We thought it’d be awesome to do a to-go restaurant [that could] also be beneficial to downtown residents in the evening.”

It will eventually have poolside service and Sunday brunch room service to residents of the building, he says. He would also like to offer voluntary, unpaid internships to students in the medical field and also open Spice in the City as a public health practicum, where medical professionals could study a variety of topics related to healthy eating.

Hariprasad spent several years focused on cardiovascular health at Parkland, and he said one of the recurring problems was that patients who needed to eat special diets often landed back in the hospital because they were unable to find or afford the foods that would keep them healthy. “It was a cyclical issue,” he says.

His meals at Spice in the City will be appropriate for those wanting to eat a diabetic-friendly or heart-healthy meal — or anyone who wants to be fit.

“I’m a huge foodie,” he says, “and it’s interesting to see when a dietician is a foodie as well. You can eat pretty healthy by adding spices and herbs without adding sugar and fat.”

1512 Commerce Street, Suite #101, Dallas. Open 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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