While Dallas isn't known for an abundance of snow, it is the birthplace of the snow cone.

Samuel Bert of East Dallas debuted the icy specialty at the 1919 State Fair of Texas. He was nicknamed "King Sammie," probably the just desserts of inventing a cold treat for sweltering Texans in the days before air-conditioning.

Since then, Dallas has only continued to prove its love of snow cones: Many happily visited Aunt Stelle's Sno-Cones to its bitter end, others have created heaps of booze-inspired flavors; still others have fashioned them into colorful gnome hats.

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Whether you admire them as a socially acceptable form of ice-eating or as a way to consume snow without worrying about hazardous contents, snow cones are unquestionably a delicious way to cool off in the summer sun.

But we do have one question: What is the best snow cone flavor? Could a wild-card flavors like matcha and vanilla-orchid really rival classics like cherry and blue raspberry?

[Update: The people have spoken. They're blue in the face! An incredible majority -- 36 percent -- selected blue coconut.]

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