Zima was discontinued in 2008.

Zima was discontinued in 2008.

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Velour tops, overalls and choker necklaces are just a few signs that the '90s are back in vogue. Fashion, however, isn't the only thing making a comeback.

Zima, the fizzy malt beverage synonymous with the '90s, is also returning to store shelves in North Texas as early as this week.

Rumors of the drink's return began swirling in February after several outlets reported its producer, MillerCoors, was preparing to make it available for a limited-time run. At the time, company spokesman Marty Maloney hinted the return was imminent. He has since confirmed Zima will be available this summer.

"We got some of the people that worked on Zima in the '90s to recreate the look, feel and taste so that it is almost identical to the original," Maloney told the Milwaukee Business Journal. "People will be able to purchase it in a 6-pack and drink it out of the fluted bottle while tasting the refreshing citrus beverage they remember."

The publication reports Zima will make its re-debut around July 4 weekend, however, there's at least one place in Dallas-Fort Worth currently selling it: Lonestar Beverages in Carrollton, confirmed co-owner Rick Ali. 

People have also been posting pictures on Twitter of Zima displays at U.S. stores.

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In 1994, the first year Zima went nationwide, the beverage sold 1.3 million barrels, according to Slate. That dipped substantially by 1996, when it sold just 403,000 barrels. Zima went on to have many incarnations, including different flavors, before it was discontinued in 2008.

While Maloney attributed Zima's return to a '90s resurgence in pop culture -- remember Crystal Pepsi? -- there could be another reason. Flavored alcoholic beverages make up one of the fastest growing sectors in the booze industry. 

According to a recent Nielsen study, sales of flavored beer rose to more than $1.9 billion in sales in 2016 compared to $1.3 billion in 2013. Last year, Craig Poupore, vice president and plant manager of MillerCoors' Fort Worth brewery, said the facility was investing $25 million into "the most dynamic and capable flavoring system in our brewing network" to meet consumer demand.

Zima is available only for a limited time in the U.S. We've inquired to see if Verizon Theatre will be serving it at the I Love the '90s concert with TLC and Biz Markie in July. Because that would be totally radical.

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