You want coffee, because it's been that kind of day. But you also want a milkshake, because it's been that kind of day as well. What do you do?

Whataburger wants you to get the best of both worlds with their new coffee shake, available as of right now. It's made with real Colombian coffee, and it's available for a limited time (they won't tell us how limited).

The coffee flavor joins the usual suspects of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes on Whataburger's menu.

A Whataburger representative tells us that the shake does have caffeine in it (since it's made with real coffee), but we don't know exactly how much it will pick you up compared to your standard morning cup of the stuff. Still, it's probably not a treat you'd choose if you're hoping to go to sleep immediately after drinking it.

We have a new shake just in time for your afternoon pick me up. The Coffee Shake is available at 3PM CST

Posted by Whataburger on Monday, April 3, 2017
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