By now, locals have likely heard of UberEATS. It's that service similar to other food delivery apps, such as Caviar or GrubHub, except your driver is Uber.

UberEats debuted in Dallas in November, when it was available in just 13 cities. The delivery area has expanded since launch, but not all the way to the westernmost part of the Metroplex — until now.

Beginning Aug. 22, the app will bring bites from a handful of local restaurants directly to doorsteps in Fort Worth.

The service will initially be available in the area surrounding Texas Christian University and extend to the larger city on Aug. 29. Some of the participating restaurants include East Hampton Sandwich Co., Galligaskins Submarines, and Z's Cafe. Meal prices are set by the restaurants and, in Dallas, generally range $7-$12. Uber normally tacks on a $3.99 fee per order, but delivery will be free for a limited time at launch.

UberEATS will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week within the I-820 loop, according to a press release. The company will not be offering instant delivery, a feature that guarantees you'll have your food in 10 minutes or less.

Restaurant HG Sply Co. opens in Fort Worth Aug. 22

UberEATS is a standalone app, though users can access it through the original Uber app. It is not, however, alone in the market for edible delivery, which includes apps like DoorDash, GrubHub, and even Amazon. What makes UberEATS different? Where many companies deliver dishes from dozens of restaurants or fast-food joints, Uber features just three or four dishes per day, sometimes from restaurants not supported by other delivery services, says GuideLive's Sarah Blaskovich. UberEATS also hosts special promotions, such as its free ice cream day in July.

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