McAlister's Deli

It's real. It's happening. The fountain of youth for the South, sweet tea, will be free for one day at McAlister's Deli. 

We all know that we could just order water for free at dinner, but why would we do that when we can get tea? According to a survey McAlister's ran, 57 percent of consumers would rather give up chocolate than tea. It's true, though. Sweet tea doesn't melt into an inedible heap outside like chocolate. Tea cools us down. 

"We've always known our Tea Freaks are die-hard sweet tea fans, but this survey was a unique and engaging way for us to connect with them and truly understand how much they love sweet tea," said president of McAlister's Deli Rick Altizer.

Free Tea Day

Praise the tea gods this Thursday, and go get your free sweet tea on the 8th annual Free Tea Day. Relish the wonders that come with getting something that you can't live without for free. 

Plus, if you get there early, the first 25 people in line get a Free Tea Day shirt, so they can show off the #TeaLoveforLife to all their friends. 

Forget water, it has no flavor, but sweet tea is full of sugary goodness that makes the sun shine a little bit brighter with happiness, so you'll go drink more tea to stay hydrated. It's a cycle of happiness, a cycle of life, a cycle of tea

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