More wine coming to Plano!

More wine coming to Plano!


Come fall 2016, the restauranteurs behind Velvet TacoMexican Sugar and Ida Claire plan to open a new wine bar called Sixty Vines.

And no surprise: The company that has helped make the suburbs cool is opening Sixty Vines in Plano, right next door to sibling restaurant Whiskey Cake

How Plano got cool

"We just love this part of town," says Jack Gibbons, president of Front Burner Restaurants and a new resident of Frisco. 

"It's a phenomenon across the country: The suburbs used to be the wasteland of restaurants where chains survived and independent quality of restaurants weren't really going," he says. 

That has certainly changed.

Sixty Vines will be a restaurant fixated on pairing food with wine. Customers can expect 60 wines by the glass -- hence, the name -- and more than three-dozen wines on tap. Wine on tap is growing trend in restaurants because it ensures more precise pours, at the right temperature, with much fewer wine tossed at the end of a shift.

The food won't follow a specific style of cuisine, Gibbons says, and the menu isn't set. He guesses chef de cuisine Stan Rodrigues will go for rustic food, similar to what you might find in Napa Valley or Sonoma, California.

The menu will have 'a lot of worldly influences, but it's always about fresh ingredients, leaning toward heavier vegetarian dishes,' Gibbons says.

All of the servers will be required to get Level 1 Sommelier training, he says.

Wine in beer's clothing: Vino comes on draft, in flights and even growlers

Sixty Vines will be located in the former Abuelo's on the Dallas North Tollway, near West Parker Road in Plano, as Community Impact first pointed out. The new restaurateurs will do a complete renovation, kitchen included, so the new Sixty Vines will eventually have an open-air kitchen, pizza oven and a charcuterie bar.

Sixty Vines is also expected to have a greenhouse on-site, where diners can sit in a patio-style setting among the grapevines and herbs.

Sixty Vines in Plano will have a greenhouse that doubles as a patio.

Sixty Vines in Plano will have a greenhouse that doubles as a patio.

Courtesy of Front Burner Restaurants

Estimated opening date: fall 2016. 3701 Dallas Parkway, Plano.

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