Tacos Y Mas has sold tacos in Dallas for nearly 20 years.

Tacos Y Mas has sold tacos in Dallas for nearly 20 years.

Courtesy of Tacos Y Mas

Nearly 20 years ago, Tacos Y Mas popped up in its first location, a tent outside of a grocery store near Interstate 30 in Dallas. The owner sold just one taco -- steak, cooked on a portable grill.

This week, Tacos Y Mas opens its fifth shop, this one on Cedar Springs Road in Dallas. It opens at 2 p.m. Friday, Sept. 18.

It will sell beer and wine eventually, but the owner is still waiting on his required permits.

It will be the first Tacos Y Mas that serves alcohol, says owner Mahbub Zaman.

Zaman's shop joins a crowded marketplace when it comes to taco shops in D-FW, though he believes he was one of the first street taco vendors when the original Tacos Y Mas opened back in 1997.

Tacos y Mas (Cedar Springs)

"I took a chance," he says of the first operation, "and I didn't think at the time it would have this sort of potential." The order-at-the-counter restaurant now sells nine meats and dozens of menu items.

Tacos Y Mas' top seller is the Big D breakfast burrito, a meaty combination of bacon, sausage, chorizo, ham, egg and potato. ("It is big!" the owner says.)

Existing Tacos Y Mas shops are on Forest Lane, Ross Avenue and Greenville Avenue in Dallas, and on Plano Road in Richardson. 

New restaurant: 4123 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, in the ilume building. tacosymasdallas.com.

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