The Rolling Stones will soon have a new way for fans to get their satisfaction: tequila.

The legendary rock band, which hit Dallas on its Zip Code Tour this summer, partnered with Jose Cuervo to release two different tequilas to fit your fancy and, notably, your budget. 

The first is a special edition Rolling Stones Jose Cuervo Especial, a blue agave silver tequila described in a press release as perfect for "pinnacle partier." It's also the affordable option at $16.99 per bottle. The second is called the Ultra Premium Rolling Stones de la Familia Collectors Edition, a "private extra añejo tequila reserve of the Curevo family." A bottle of this sports a hefty $149.99 price tag.

The silver makes its way to liquor stores this month, while the añejo will be come available in November.

Now you may be wondering, why tequila?

As the story goes, the Rolling Stones had a chance encounter with a Tequila Sunrise cocktail while on their 1972 U.S. tour -- at San Francisco's Trident bar to be exact -- and were completely swept off their feet. They traveled around the country ordering it various bars thereafter. According to Huffington Post, Keith Richards called the tour's unofficial name the Cocaine and Tequila Sunrise tour in his book Life. (The product press release goes as far to say it was Jose Cuervo that inspired the whole tour, but we'll let you take that for what it's worth.)

The Rolling Stones are just the latest in a slew of bands and celebrities putting their names (and in this case tongues) on original beers and spirits. Warning: These tequilas may cause some to show off their moves like Jagger.

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