Oreo's new Brownie Batter cookies are really tasty.

Oreo's new Brownie Batter cookies are really tasty.

Sarah Blaskovich

Nabisco hasn't always succeeded with its newfangled, new-flavored Oreo cookies. (See Cookie Dough Oreos, the new "slim" Oreo Thins and S'moreos. Not great.) But they nailed it with the Brownie Batter Oreo, which became available Aug. 10.

Brownie Batter Oreos are made using original chocolate cookies on the outside and rich, creamy, chocolately filling on the inside.  You're going to want a glass of milk to wash down these rich bites of half-baked brownie bliss.

One of our staffers even said the Brownie Batter Oreos are better than the originals. #whoa.

The rest of us agreed they aren't superior to OG Oreos but they're a damn close second. 

Brownie Batter Oreos are available now at any store that regularly sells Oreos. Get some.

Thanks to our taste-testers Will Pry, Tiney Ricciardi, Shannon Sutlief, Mandi Thomas, Nini Truong, Amanda Wilkins and Hannah Wise.

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