Clay serves fresh short ribs at Tallywackers in Dallas, TX on May 30, 2015.

Clay serves fresh short ribs at Tallywackers in Dallas, TX on May 30, 2015.

Alexandra Olivia/Special Contributor

When word of Dallas' first chestaurant, Tallywackers, got out, many people were interested to try it simply for the novelty. The concept is just like Hooters or Twin Peaks, but instead of having busty female waitress, Tallywackers employs chiseled men who go shirtless after 10 p.m.

The restaurant opened in late May, so now that the honeymoon phase has worn off, how does it stack up against the critics? In this case, we looked to Yelp where Tallywackers has 2.5 stars from more than 100 reviews. Here's what people are saying about their experiences.

The waiters have no problem taking their shirts off for photo ops.

This point seems to make it into every review on Yelp. Ready and willing, people, and there are plenty of pictures on the location page to prove it. 

But not everyone is convinced that's a good thing.

Says Yelper James T., "Presumably their business model has little to do with cuisine or service. But I would say if you are selling 'wackers' make sure they are impressive. If your sole sustainability plan relies on the meat factory, make sure it's meaty."

The food is hit or miss.

See the abs and eats at Dallas' new chestaurant, Tallywackers

"Nothing great, and by no means, was I expecting a 5-Star meal," says Yelper Stephanie A. "You're better off drinking your dinner."

Yelper Brian N. rates the food "slightly better than average, although all I've had there so far was the Bacon Mac and Cheese Hot Dog."

Yelper T T. recommends the french fries: "Super good French fries, y'all!"

The food is "great and not overpriced," according to Yelper Shelby P., who recommends the Brussels sprouts and chicken sandwich.

Yelper Joe S. had less luck in the way of eats: "The sprouts tasted like they were soaked in furniture polish. They had a strong chemical like taste, so I spit out my first and only bite."

Be prepared to wait.

Review after review echoes this same warning. Some people claim waiting up to three hours for a table, others up to 50 minutes for food.

Yelper Ryan N. says he went three times and had lackluster service every time. "Plan for about 1hr to get seated, 1 hr to get your first drink, 1 hour after that to get your food, and don't plan on seeing your waiter between those times," he writes.

Tallywackers is  magnet for birthday and bachelorette parties.

Plenty of reviewers mentioned they went for a party of some kind. Big ones too -- Tallywackers only makes reservations for parties of 12 or more, say Yelpers. Maybe "Happy Birthday" should be kept on repeat?

No matter if it's a good or bad experience, most agree it's quite a scene.

Yelper Rose I. called the place "a zoo." Yelper Stacey P. called it "amazing." You'll likely watch servers taking selfies all night, says Yelper Dirk N. And sometimes it might just feel "as though you went to a club that had men in the undies dancing on a box and asked them to come wait tables," according to Brian N.

Take a peek at the scene in the photo gallery below:

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