Ten and Tei-An, two Dallas restaurants owned by chef Teiichi Sakurai, are taking a brief summer vacation. Both will close June 28 through July 6 so employees can get a little R and R.

Chef "Teach" does this every summer, says Ee Lim, general manager at Ten.

Ten is chef Sakurai's new ramen shop in West Dallas, open since April. The place is teeny -- so small, in fact, patrons line up for bowls of ramen and slurp right at the counter. Dallas Morning News restaurant critic Leslie Brenner said it's a "quick trip to paradise" for those who love ramen.


Tei-An is the chef's upscale Asian restaurant. Tei-An earned four stars from Brenner in 2014; it's one of the 10 best restaurants in town, she says.

So, fans of chef Sakurai's restaurants are going to have to go without for about 10 days. 

Both restaurants reopen at 6 p.m. July 7. At that time, chefs at Ten will begin dreaming up new weekly specials, Lim says.

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