Starting May 22 and for a limited time, OREO's new S'mores cookies will be available at major grocery stores. 

OREO has been in the limited-edition biz for quite some time, debuting cookies in oddball varieties such as cotton candy and watermelon, and more traditional mix-ups like Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and red velvet. 

You can find even more-eo flavors of Oreos at your local grocery store-eo.

In a Dallas Morning News taste test, "S'moreos" were middle-of-the-pack as far as the limited-edition cookies go: They're a delicious, sweet bite but aren't reminiscent of an evening around a summertime campfire. They're made with graham-cracker-flavored cookies, then filled with layers of chocolate and marshmallow creme.

We wanted fire-roasted flavor and found none. Dallas Morning News tasters mentioned the new cookie tastes similar to Teddy Grahams' honey-flavored snacks. But the creme inside was reminiscent of OREO's typical white filling despite the fact that there's some chocolate in there. 

These taste a whole lot like a Golden OREO dressed in a S'mores costume.

If given a S'mores OREO or a traditional OREO, which would our taste-testers choose? A traditional OREO, no question. 

$4.49 at major U.S. grocery stores. Available May 22. Those renting a Zipcar May 21 and 22 in participating cities might get a surprise pack of S'mores OREOs on the passenger seat. Dallas is one of the 21 participating cities.

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