Hot dog and beer place Scotch and Sausage opened on Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas last summer. It was popular; lines were out the door at first. Now it's gone.

Founder Dylan Elchami and his co-owner Rami Rassas sold the Scotch and Sausage brand, Elchami told The Dallas Morning News. They closed the shop for a quick five days and reopened with a new restaurant in its place called Le Taco

"That was the plan," says Elchami, speaking about selling and closing Scotch and Sausage. "I was in the building business."

Now, he says, he's building a business he doesn't plan to sell. This new place makes tortillas in-house daily and uses them as the foundation for what Elchami calls "an edible plate."

Executive chef Daniel Tarasevich's menu ranges from $3 street tacos (pork, carne asada or chicken confit topped with cilantro, onion and salsa) to pricey ones like the $9 Le Oscar: one taco made with Akaushi beef, lump crab meat, hollandaise sauce, truffle cream and asparagus.

"We're really trying to push tacos to the next level," says Tarasevich, who is also a partner in the restaurant. 

He points to his moo shu duck confit taco for that "next level" explanation: smoked duck legs, confited; served with snow peas, slaw and hoisin sauce.

"It's duck confit in a [expletive] taco," Tarasevich says. "Nobody's doing that." It also illustrates Tarasevich's French-Mexican-Asian fusion flair.

Starters include fried plantains and elotes. The bar serves specialty cocktails, margaritas, tequila, mezcal, beer and wine.

Open for lunch and dinner for now, 11 a.m. to midnight. ("My mom says nothing good happens after midnight, so we're closing then," Elchami says.) Owners hope to add breakfast in June. 2808 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas.

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