So you've been out to a bar, it's late and you're hungry. A newish pizza place called ZaLat is open 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. to feed those late-night cravings.

ZaLat is located next to DaLat, a Vietnamese restaurant on Fitzhugh that's a popular late spot especially with restaurant industry folks. DaLat owner Khanh Nguyen decided he might try his hand at pizza next door, just for fun. "I love pizza," he says.
It would be a mistake to order a pepperoni pizza and not get the Srirancha.

It would be a mistake to order a pepperoni pizza and not get the Srirancha.

Sarah Blaskovich

He quietly opened ZaLat in a bare-bones shop made for take-out and delivery only. There's a pool table for those waiting for their pizzas, but it's there so you can pass the time: This isn't a sit-down restaurant.

Pizza can be ordered via text -- why don't more places do this? -- or by an old-fashioned phone call or drop in. 

ZaLat got some buzz on Dallas food blogs for its off-the-wall pizzas like ones topped with SpaghettiOs or coconut cream sauce. A few inventive pizzas made the current menu, but Nguyen's first priority is to get on Dallasites' radars for ZaLat's traditional pepperoni and margherita pies.

All pizzas can come with a side of "Srirancha" (that's Sriracha ranch, and yes, dreams do come true). Srirancha will set you back 75 cents. 

Pizzas are priced $9.99 to $22.99.

You can also opt for the 420 Combo: two sodas and two candy bars for $4.20. Look, sometimes people seriously need two Snickers bars, a Dr Pepper and a Mellow Yellow, OK?

As for a secret menu you may have heard about ...

There is no such thing right now, Nguyen says. "Give us a month or two," he hints, "and I'm sure we'll have some crazy stuff that people will request." 

Open 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. 2519 N. Fitzhugh Avenue, Dallas.Text 469-573-2007. zalatpizza.com.

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