Duckworth Distillery

Duckworth Distillery


When Lee Fuqua's doc told him he couldn't drink wine anymore, the Dallas winemaker swapped his winemaking equipment for a distiller - to create Duckworth Distillery. He's on the verge of cranking out 100 percent pure cane Texas vodka at the micro-distillery, to be followed later this year with rum and gin.

He may not be able to drink wine anymore. But spirits? No problemo.

Except he did run into a problemo. Two to be exact - with permits, which got held up on a s-l-o-w track, and then with the plan to replace his semi-automatic labeling machine.

So the upshot is this: Fuqua's looking for a $10,000 GoFundMe bump to help him get the distillery off the ground.  (It's named for his grandfather H.E. Duckworth.) He's already two-thirds of the way there.      

And the small batches he's experimented with already? They're tasting fine.

Kim Pierce, Special Contributor

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