You can make these. YOURSELF.

You can make these. YOURSELF.


Few "kid" things drive adults more wild than Girl Scout Cookies. They're the Harry Potter of foodstuffs, the Mario Kart of boxed treats. They come around seasonally like Halloween  and ... OK, adults actually like a lot of kiddie things. In that case, here's something that could definitely go in a lot of grown-ups' letters to Santa this year.

Wicked Cool Toys announced recently that we will soon be able to make our very own Thin Mints and Samoas at home, Easy-Bake-Oven-style.

Will they put 9-year-old girls out of business? Will their premixed yields taste like the original? We're guessing probably not, and that's likely why the glorious Girl Scout cabal is on-board. A cookie that's reminiscent of the real thing but not quite? Talk about whetting appetites.

The oven's just part of a line of toys expected this fall including a branded "On-the-Go Wagon" and Girl Scout Cookie Stand, so we, er, kids can experience the grandeur of the Girl Scout all year long.

They are, after all, the girl-power group that brought you such hilarious awesomeness as a smartphone locator app and heavy hauls outside medicinal marijuana shops, angling for the "munchies demographic."

Who doesn't wish he or she possessed such entrepreneurial savvy? Well, here's one way you can develop it this fall.

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